5 interesting facts about casinos


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1. Roulette wheel
In a casino, a roulette wheel weighs approximately 60kg. Therefore, the croupier only pushes such a wheel, and the rest of its rotation occurs using a special mechanism.
2. The mystical meaning of the cards
Players believe that the cards have mystical meanings. So, they represent 52 weeks of the year. Their suits are the seasons, and each card represents one phase of the moon's cycle. If we add up all the digital values ​​of the cards and add the joker, then the number 365 will be released, like days in a year. https://casinophoenicia.ro/
3. The number of the beast on the roulette
If you add up all the cell numbers on the roulette wheel, the number 666 comes out. This devilish number scares players who associate roulette with the devil himself. It may be so, but some historians claim that such a game was born thanks to Blaise Pascal. True, until now roulette is considered the most mystical and unpredictable game.
4. Cards are a rich man's game
Until the 16th century, only the rich were allowed to play cards. All decks were incredibly expensive and were created and painted by renowned artists. For example, one impoverished nobleman bought a palace and servants for his deck of cards. Since the mid-16th century, maps have been simplified, more accessible and cheaper.  https://romania-casino.ro/
5. Dice
To make the dice for the game show completely random results, they are made in a special way. So, the tolerance on such bones should be no more than 5,000 millimeters.